Thursday, April 12, 2007


Personally I think that listserv is a unique idea, but I am glad that I am no longer receiving all of those emails. I would literally get 70 emails in one day, and I didn't even understand what they were all talking about. I didn't check my email for a day and 200 emails had accumulated in my inbox. One thing that I did like about listserv, was the fact that one person could write a comment and a lot of other people with feedback on the issue could immediately respond. The person would end up getting at least 30 emails about their question.


Dan said...

I agree completely. I had about 75 1/2 e-mails about dealing with students who have ADHD in my inbox. I could see how this is helpful for a quick answer to ones question from different point of views but I myself will not be using it.

Laura said...

I feel the same way. It is very helpful for teachers who have questions because they get a variety of answers back, but I don't like that the Listserv e-mails overfill your inbox everyday.